Monday, 27 May 2013

Two Socks (better than one?)

I'm pretty keen on socks. As soon as you get over the idea that they should match your trousers or shoes, they become one of the few items of clothing where you can indulge in wearing the sort of patterns, colours, and fabrics that would probably be illegal in a suit. So I enjoyed my recent introduction to a lovely UK-based company called Two Socks. Founded in 2011, they stock a huge range of different designs from the classically preppy (and appropriately named) 'Team Captain' socks to a genuinely unique pattern that looks like a classic golfers check but is infact a colourful multi-spiral.

Two Socks were kind enough to send me a couple of pairs to try: one pair of the 'team captain' socks which are a heavier, ribbed cotton more suitable for casual wear or colder days, and one thinner pair in a vibrant pink herringbone pattern. They definitely live up to their claims about using the finest cotton - they're remarkably soft and comfortable without any of the sense of fragility that some premium socks have. They come attractively packaged in cardboard wraps that reflect Two Socks's strong sense of personality. This comes through particularly in their nicely-designed website which allows you to search for socks not just by colour or pattern, but also by your personality (corporate socks for the week, perhaps, and 'megalomaniac' socks for weekends...)

The socks themselves are mostly either £7.50 or £8 - easily cheap enough to buy several pairs of and wear regularly. Despite their obvious taste for rather, um, 'eye-catching' colours and patterns, there are plenty of socks that would make for good and very comfortable business-wear, and a number that are actually rather elegant and restrained.

Well worth a try next time you need to stock up. You can justify it to yourself by buying a handful in black and grey, and then perhaps one pair in bright green and orange. It's perfectly acceptable, I promise.